BTC – 1BAazEE4hLK3uPCawz7B6rr1jMpS9Pw3yc

DOGE – D98KSGXPV3pQEpEwLNYwVB1k8wte1R2reo

XMR – 43d5jJCuTsBL1VKpLCGnoo3Xu6pZQeeMSdPwivN4UKPi8zsFc2iJaQSfWt1HTqxKrT437gQyiJyUrExpFVGKoqW17gpZGTs

LTC – LSPY2B11uTEXMFsphfLqL4y39J5Ve5B1Zw

NMC – N69rHjkmQxzrUP1NMw8YoAzX78RPnPeHXQ

ETH – 0x8a033e2e1f96ba19a1f4a39fa815802bc1bb6763

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